We have been servicing Fort Worth for over 23 years.We service all types of locks and door lock hardware for commercial businesses, residential homes, safes, and automobiles with computer chip keys. Fort Worth Locksmiths started off as a father and son business and has since grown into a full service locksmith company serving Fort Worth and Dallas. Being mobile allows us to operate in Ft.Worth, TCU, 7th Street - Downtown, Trinity Park, Arlington Heights, Tanglewood, Camp Bowie, and Westover Hills, which dramatically increases our service area and response time. Unlike other locksmith operators which also run a shop, our sole business is with mobile units that come to your location to either change your locks, open your car door when your keys are locked inside, or just basic handyman services. It also enables us to offer competitive pricing to our customers as we do not have to cover any overheads of operating a store, and we pass these savings onto you.

Our dedicated team of highly trained locksmiths appreciate every job we recieve, and respond to every job as soon as possible. No matter how small the job is we understand that it is important to you.May God Bless your day:)


Buy Security, Buy Peace of Mind

Locksmith service is related to your safety factor. A good locksmith service provider is always at becks and calls whenever emergency occurs. We provide an extensive variety of locksmith services to ensure safety for your life and valuables as well.

You have lost the keys on your trip and now after coming back, are standing helplessly outside. You are a software code cracker but have no knowledge about how to unlock the door. There is no way but to break the doors and just think how much chaotic it would be. Don’t worry; We are just a phone call or few clicks away.

Some of you have encountered such an embarrassing situation at least once in your life. It is really puzzling and you don’t know what to do. Many things are running in your head. If an evil guy gets the key and reaches your house before you get at there, just imagine what could happen to your asset. He would make a clean sweep of everything and you will go kaput. However, this is a little possibility if you get the best locksmith’s service immediately.

Locksmith Service Ensures Safety

Whether it is your office or residence, safety of asset must be your priority. Apart from safety of valuables, security of your life is also important. The security guard is doing rounds at night but still you find no reason to be sure of ‘safety’ factor. What if the dacoits break into the apartment? What if the robbers burgle into your house when you will be on a tour? We address these ‘what if’ factors whether you are in or far away from your house.

Good Qualities of Locksmith Professionals

The expert locksmiths never compromise with quality factor. They are technically sound and have vast knowledge about advanced systems. Apart from conventional lock and key design and installation, they are also expert at re-keying of master key system. They update their knowledge and skill on installing CCTV units as well as video monitoring system. They also install file cabinets, peepholes and patio doors.

If you ever need a replacement of your key-in-knob locks and deadbolt, immediately contact our staff. In a nutshell, you will get a wider variety of service under one roof of a reputed locksmith firm only.

Every renowned locksmith offers emergency service. We have started with an example where you don’t know how to enter into your apartment. Think about another situation where you might be locked inside and keys are lost. This will be more horrible.


Cars often get locked from inside, and being unable to move your car even an inch, you feel really embarrassed. Most people have a peculiar habit of leaving the key inside the vehicle and then rummaging everything up to get hold of it. In such a situation, a locksmith service provider can rescue you out of the troubles. Fort Worth Locksmith offers a plethora of emergency services. So keep in touch with them to get the best at a competitive price.

Call our locksmith service today to provide all of your locksmith needs 24 hours everyday!

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